Opening Performances by Students of Performance Art Studio UAP: Barbara Deczkowska, Marta Drozdova, Martyna Hadyńska, Leann Herlihy, Justyna Kuchta, Szymon Kula, Paulina Pankiewicz, Patrycja Plich, Julia Popławska, Petro Riaska, Vitalll Shupliak, Mateusz Smoczyk, Paweł Tymcio, Witold Walny.


Unease is a state of mind which influence our body’s actions. We can find it in minimal gesture or in constant transformation of character of our behaviour.“Unease” is a title of performance artists exhibition. The project is based on the record of the process of performance art piece transformation. This is an attempt to pause it in the name of creating, opened in time, marking process.

We observe infiltration of space-time dynamic structures of an action into the zone of the icon – in case of Janusz Bałdyga, and into an installation by Marta Bosowska.

Presented art works relate directly to significant performances or are a signal to “act”. Placed in the space between fact and its documentation they picture unknown and uneasy, “in between” frontier area.

Students from Performance Art Studio, runned by Janusz Bałdyga and Marta Bosowska are invited for the opening night to create peculiar agora, space of communications free from arrangements, negotiations and norms recalling the idea of a group. What is left is a common space confronted with individual gesture.​

Artists Biographies:

Janusz Bałdyga (born 1954 in Lublin) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from 1974, graduating in the studio of Prof Stefan Gierowski in 1979. Co-founder of the Pracownia artist collective (1976-1981), co-manager of the Pracownia Gallery at the Dziekanka Student Art Centre (1976-1979) in Warsaw. Member of the Akademia Ruchu theatre group since 1979. He is currently Professor of Performance Art at the University of Arts in Poznań.

Janusz Bałdyga’s main line of artistic activity is performance art. Over many years of practice, he has developed a unique style, characterised by a reduction of the language and means of articulation and the use of simple elements such as planks, nails, ropes, water, textiles or glass, which he uses to create elementary structures: the line, the circle, the rectangle, the point. He has introduced the term ‘marked places’ to denote space and its determinants, and the dynamics lent to it by human presence. The artist’s body serves also as a construction element, an instrument of describing the surrounding space, a testimony of wrestling with matter (InclinationsAttention, Border). Balancing around a critical point and attempting to reveal a sphere of latency are inherent to Bałdyga’s work. His performances create a sense of pulling the viewer into the space and course of ritual. Their social, political or philosophical subtext leaves no doubt as to the artist’s country of origin and tradition, without, however, in any way blurring the universal dimension of his highly individual communications. As the artist says himself, ‘I am not a commentator but the creator of a particular situation which, being located in a specific space and time, cannot be free from socio-political references’.

Marta Bosowska (born 1984 in Kościan)Graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in Critic and Education Department and Faculty of Sculpture and Space Activities, Since 2011 working on University of Arts in Poznan. Members of Performance Art Foundation

Carries out installations and performance. Interested in memory as the medium and component of the process of the work’s coming into beginning. Her actions depict incessant searching, sorting, collecting, based on emotional content evoked through sign, sounds and places. The artist taps into simple gestures, situations, objects and materials surrounding humans in their daily lives, which, here acquire new meanings.

Biographies of Performance Art Studio students:

Dobrawa Deczkowska (born 8 February 1990 in Chrzanów) – student of the third year scenography at the Uniwersity of Arts in Poznań. She designed and performed a few theatre design in the group and indyvidually. She is interested in decor, costiume, sculpture and performance.

Martyna Hadyńska
I study second year painting in UAP.
I do performance, painting and drawing.
In my work I engage in womanhood, interrelations and emotions.
I like spontaneous actions.

Léann Herlihy – Originally studying at the National College of Art & Design Dublin (2012-2016), this Irish based artist has no uniformed roots when discussing her artistic practice. Her constructions tend to be fixed with a single point, in which the distribution of forces and the dramatic meaningful climax is of primary importance. She shows how a hardly visible component can become the most significant element from the point of view and survival of her whole composition. The symbolism she suggests and her use of endurance to highlight the exaggerated protraction of time are enhanced by the symbiotic relationship with her audience, where the very act of their continued observation, in itself become ritualised behaviour and enabled a sense of communitas. Recent exhibitions include Studio, Elbana House, Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8 (2014); Stendhal Arts Festival, Limavady, Derry (2014); At dawn we will stand in a circle, as the sun rises it will renew the souls of the pure, NCAD Gallery, Dublin (2014) and We’ll come up with {some}thing, Jamestown Studios, Inchicore, Dublin (2013).
For more information go to: www.cargocollective.com/LHartist

Áine Kelly is an Irish artist studying in the Crawford College of Art
and Design. Her practice involves a multidisciplinary approach,
comprising of photography, performance and drawing. In using her own
body she explores the physical limitations of the body and attempts to
demonstrate a balance of mind and body. Her most recent works
investigates the bodily communication that exists beyond language. For
more information on her work you can view her blog at

Justyna Kuchta (born in 1990 in Koszalin) is a student of scenic design at the University of Arts in Poznań. Her work focuses mainly on stage design as well as costume design in drama theatre, opera house and dance theatre.

Szymon Kula – Born in 1994, studied in High School of Fine Arts in Katowice. Currently studying at painting department of Uniwersity of Arts in Poznań. Co-creator of “Kij w obraz” project organising art meetings, discussions and shows. Ministry of Culture’s and President’s of Katowice City scholarschips holder. Participating in workshops, competitions, exhibitions and festivals including “Student’s drawing exhibition” in Toruń (2014), „Trzy Czte Ry! Performance.” in BWA Gallery in Zielona Góra (2015).

PAULINA PANKIEWICZ 2014 – 1st year of PhD studies at the Faculty of Intermedia, University of Arts, Poznań 2002- 2007 – Master Program at the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw I’m interested in the interaction between my psychophysics and space. I try to combine my intellectual needs with my strong need of feeling the surrounding area also in the physical way. Corporeal and mental experience of space give me full view of it. My activity is focused on motion in space. I try to explore a field. By corporeal feeling I try to get close, to characterize it, describe, draw a contour. That is how I try to assimilate it.

Julia Popławska – Graduated from Art University in Poznań, specialized in Art Critic on the Art Education department. Her movie If you really want something (2013) presented on the ARTBOOM Festival in Kracow, on main exhibition The face of Day. Social Costs in Poland after 1989, created by Stanisław Ruksza. The film also accompanied during debates organized by: MS in Łódź, Galeria Miejska Arsenał in Poznań, Political Critique editorial office in Warsaw, Anarchistic Club/Bookstore Zemsta in Poznań. Now, she is studing MA of Intermedia on the Multimedia Communications department (UAP).

Piotr Riaska, Born 14.08.1975, Transcarpathia,Ukraine
2004-2009. Studied painting at Transcarpathia Institute of Art in Uzgorod.( Wiaczesław Prikhodko Class)

1.02.2015- 31.07.2015 i „Gaude Polonia” Scholarship, Poland, Poznań (Curator Janusz Baldyga) Artist Website: www.painting.com.ua

Mateusz Smoczyk – I study at University of Arts in Poznań at the faculty of painting.
Through performance I explore notions of process, change, moment of start out. Time concept and its continual changeability from linear to cyclical and from cyclical to linear form are significant.

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