Off the record

Although the opening of the exhibition entitled “Off the record”, is scheduled for two days before a possible second round of presidential elections, the organizers reserve that it does not apply, in any way, to the current political situation. The artists invited to the project, are focused in on a more universal content, such as: memory, process, social relationships and motherhood.

To quote Dr. Tomasz Drewicz – curator of the exhibition: “The proposed title is merely a slogan and should be treated as broadly as possible. It refers to what is smuggled. What is important or even more important than the official version, but for various reasons can not be shown directly – it must function as a conjecture. It is unwritten rule – strictly confidential – that influences the process of constructing the message. In this area, there are located also differently understood imperfections, faults, mistakes and errors that are sometimes only an inspiration and a starting point for the taking something into consideration, but sometimes they are made consciously, in order to exert overrational influence on the recipient”

The exhibition presents works of five young, Polish artists who, although have different means of expression, but they represent some common approach to the issues related to building a formal content of the work, as well as their final exposure. They all are associated with the Poznań University of the Arts, which with all certainty, is not without significance.

Urszula Kluz-Knopek
(born in 1985). Intermedia artist, using the installation, video and photography. Particularly interested in the relationship between the object and the recipient, in which the second one is never only an observer. She is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Intermedia on the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She graduate the University of Arts in Poznan. For several years, she’s the owner of the „Studio Bakłażan” graphic studios, and she is a member of STGU (Graphic Designers Association). A scholar of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She also works as a mentor in the project „Link to the Future for Information Society Development Foundation” funded by Microsoft. Editor-in-chief of the Woof Woof Arf Arf – artistic and scientific magazine.


Gizela Mickiewicz
(born in 1984). She graduated from the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts. In 2014 she took residence in Gasworks in London; she also had a solo exhibition at the Frieze art fair. She participated in many collective exhibitions, including “As you can see: Polish Art Today” at the Museum of Modern Art as well as in its sequel, “Procedures for the head. Polish Art Today” at the Kunsthalle Bratislava. Solo shows include Frutta, Rome (2013), BWA Zielona Góra, Poland (2013), Galeria Stereo, Warsaw (2015) and Poznań (2011). Coperates with Stereo Gallery. She is living and working in Warsaw. The field of Gizela’s Mickiewicz current interests is not separated from her previous artistic practice, as she has been involved in broadly-construed material culture for a long time.

She consistently use ready-mades to build objects; she make use of ordinary things which are present in everyday experience, devoid of greater significance. In so doing she attempts to elevate what is seemingly insignificant and trite from the zone of indifference. She tries to raise the simplest objects to the highest rank and speak up for them. This calls for rendering significance to the realm of the ordinary, for putting in parentheses its apparent obviousness, and thus to reveal elements that usually elude our attention. In the sculptural series “The time of background” (2014), from which comes presented work, she analyzes the elements which constitutes the final shape of the object of art, but are not usually present in it visually. It raises questions about the extent to which misguided decision, a mistake or an accident constitute an artistic creation. What is the status of failed stages of implementation, which, although rejected, are essential to the final form and meaning of the work.

Natalia Wiśniewska
(born in 1985). Studied at University of Arts in Poznań, where in 2010 she obtained a diploma in graphics. The co-founder and the curator of the Miłość Gallery in Toruń. She is a PhD student at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, majoring in the Visual Arts. The author of installations, objects, site-specific actions. She is experimenting with sound and form. In her works she undertakes research on relation- ships and mutual entanglement of the individual in the socio-cultural processes. She works contextually combining the simplicity of form with the place and the semantics of language. Her interests focus on what appears at the junction of concepts and meanings. Lives and works in Toruń. She has completed a number of solo and group exhibitions in places such as: the Wschodnia Gallery in Łódź, the Otwarta Pracownia in Cracow, the AT Gallery in Poznań, the Galeria Działań in Warsaw, the CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the CoCA Znaki Czasu in Toruń, the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

Dawid Marszewski
(born in 1991). Since 2011, a student of the Faculty of Painting at the University of Arts in Poznan. By 2014 he received his bachelors degree with distinction. He is an assistant in the XII Painting Studio.He has received many awards and scholarships of: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Prime Minister of Poland, the Rector of the UAP. Winner of artistic ExkluzivPrize2013. Finalist of many Polish and international competitions. He has participated in several group exhibitions. What I am dealing with is the Memory and its impact on social relations. I’m interested in the boundary between the individual and the so-called “collective memory”. In my – often ironic realizations – I invite the viewer to re–design his own sentiment. I examine the impact of history on contemporary culture, as well as the states of fear, ignorance and uncertainty.

Tomasz Drewicz
(born in 1982). The artist, curator, critic and organizer of cultural activities. In the years 2001-2005 he studied at the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Poznan. In the years 2004–2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. He graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in two specialties: Promotion and Art Criticism and Art Pedagogy. Second degree in the field of sculpture. Since 2009, He is working at his alma mater – currently as an adjunct in the VI Sculpture Studio. Laureate of scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Młoda Polska” in 2010 and Poznan Artistic Scholarship in 2011.

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Publishes texts in polish and foreign magazines. He lives and works in Poznan. One of the terms that perfectly reflect what I am dealing with in my work is liminality, or transition state, in which – to quote Jon McKenzie – spatial, temporal and symbolic “between” suspend the social norms, throws them the challenge, it is playing with them so they can be eventually transformed. I draw attention to the PROCESS – pointing out areas where broadly understood BEHAVIOUR has a chance to highlight their individual sense, thus becoming the particular and universal at the same time.

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