‘Art Food’ Is Reinventing Ceramics

Tableware have never been so imaginative. The ‘Art Food’ exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery showcases the fanciful works created at the four editions of the annual Polish Art Food Project design incubator.

During the incubator, which has been taking place since 2013, students from leading design schools in Poland, as well as the Pratt Institute in the US and Central Saint Martins in London, are hand-picked to attend intensive workshops which challenge one’s idea of what ceramics could look like.

Students collaborate with manufacturers to ensure that the final products are functional in addition to being creative. The exhibition is curated by Marek Cecilia, a distinguished educator and the founder of Modus Design and Cmielow Design Studio.

Take a look at the whimsical pieces which are made to encourage a sense of joy and wonder throughout the meal.

If you’re in Manhattan between now and September 8, 2018, we recommend visiting the Pratt Manhattan Gallery to explore the Art Food exhibition. It’s open to the public Monday – Saturday from 11am – 6pm, with extended hours on Thursday evenings (open until 8pm). Entry is free.